Trust… It’s such a loaded word. One must trust in themselves at all times, but what does that mean? You are always going to be in your life. You are the one true person you can count on 24/7. So, it’s important to learn what you need, how you feel about life and what it’s like to listen to your body, mind and spirit. This means trusting in your decisions, no matter what others think. Trusting that the way you present yourself to the world is the image you would like to be. If it’s not, what can you do about it? What are you willing to accept in your life? What kind of people do you allow in? What types of situations do you engage in? Are there times when you are very uncomfortable or unhappy with your surroundings or company?

Trust your feelings, surround yourself with others who make you feel good about being yourself. Not sure who you are yet? Not to worry, we are constantly growing and changing. It’s up to you to decide which path you will take. Continue to strive for the future that makes you happy, that brings you peace within. Follow your heart and your dreams, trust that these feelings are showing you a path. And if you fall, brush yourself off and try again. Trust that falling is part of the process. You get up stronger, having learned something and move forward. We are all perfectly imperfect. All we can do is trust that we are who we are meant to be and continue on this journey. The world is large, the beauty here is breathtaking. You are a part of that breathtaking beauty. Trust that. We are here to love one another. Trust that. Open yourself to all kinds of love and trust that if your heart breaks, it will heal in time. Allow space for healing, but continue to love, all the time. Love yourself first. Trust that by loving yourself you will be able to give and receive all things more. You are a gift. Honor that gift and build upon your beauty.

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  1. Yes. Trust stems of a compassionate option gifted to us. We can choose to find a base of honesty and integrity amongst the ever flourishing questionnaire that life displays in charades at times. I agree to know intimately the many shapes, numbers, and letters to love , leaves us that broad enough landscape to protect us from shrwedness as we self respond to life’s appraising of our honesty. I for one trust love. Love’s compassionate gift sits comfortably in our possession, even if not there in material, as you hinted towards early on. Those love gifts, you can barely reach for and yet arise in the sensory shining light, warmth, and cheer .creator has boundless love for us, as gifts have grown from food to markets, and theatre entertainment to smart phones, and higher education to coveted grants and loans to attend schools.

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