Kids Yoga


Looking for a way to connect with your little one? Trying to teach them to breathe, calm down and understand their bodies? Little Yogis is for you!
Join me as we learn to breathe like a bunny, roar like a lion, be as still as a rock and trust in ourselves. Through games, music and working together we get stronger, more flexible and build confidence in our children. Allow your little yogis to get in touch with their inner self as they connect with nature, each other and the world. Kindness for the body and compassion for all living things come along with living a life of love. May your children find that here with me.


During class we will learn how to be still in our bodies, feel our heart beat and connect it with our breath. We will expand our conscious mind as we imagine we are different animals and feel our bodies move in those ways. Playing ball with our feet will teach how to work together in a fun supportive environment. Doing partner poses will build trust in other people as well as within the child. Using our imaginations and always being flexible to the children’s interests and ideas, each class will be different. Constantly learning through play and through our children allows us to approach life in their innocent way.


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Quote from a 4 year old in his first class, “MOM! We have to get one of these mat things and do this at HOME!!”