Namaste! I am Keena, a certified yoga instructor based in Cincinnati. I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years. My professional services will improve your wellness, increase your enjoyment of life, and help you to reduce stress. I will teach you to connect with yourself and discover the joys within. 

Are you are looking for a teacher to come into your workplace? Interested in learning about the Rocket Vinyasa practice? Pregnant and looking to expand your flexibility as your body grows? Have children and want to learn how to playfully explore yoga? Looking for therapeutic ways to move and heal your body? You have come to the right place. Explore this site to find out more.

Yoga Offerings

Rocket yoga

Become powerful in your core, arms and legs during my weekly Rocket class. Every class has core exercises as well as extended flexibility. Small jumps in between vinyasas build strength as the practice flows smoothly from one posture to the next. Learn the poses and breath so you can keep your practice alive anywhere you go!

Workplace yoga

Tailored to your business’s needs. Get moving and take a mental break to refresh yourself and increase productivity as you return to work. Not enough space for mats? We can do a variation of chair yoga with meditation that will allow for clearing space within yourself and your business environment.

“Our office has participated in weekly yoga sessions with Keena for over 6 years. Her laid-back personality and calming presence can soothe even the most harried nerves amongst our team. As a result, we’ve experienced noticeably improved focus, increased attention to detail and better communication. Our employees love the physical benefits and it helps contribute to a healthy and balanced work culture that we really value.”


Taylor MacDonald from Ample


Kids yoga

Teach your children how to be still in their bodies, feel their heart beat and connect with their breath.

We will expand our conscious mind as we imagine we are different animals and feel our bodies move in those ways. Playing ball with our feet will teach children how to work together in a fun supportive environment. Doing partner poses will build trust in other people as well as within the child. Each class will be unique using our imaginations and being flexible to the children’s interests and ideas. Constantly learning through play and through our children allows us to approach life in their innocent way.

 “I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years. Both of my daughters and I have taken yoga with Keena. Her classes are so inclusive of the little ones that we all feel calm and great by the end!”
Leah Wyman


“As a single parent I couldn’t always find a sitter to exercise or participate in a yoga class–but Keena’s parent- child yoga class made it possible. Through fun songs and pretend play, Keena engages the kids in yoga while walking the parents through each pose as well. She creates a great supportive community through each class!”

Shaun Herold


Prenatal yoga

Prepare your body and mind for labor. During class we will stretch our bodies, allowing the muscles to form memory. This way, after the baby is born, we can use the muscle memory to help the body tighten back up. Growing a support network is essential as parents. Within class, you can make new friends and even raise your babies together! It’s so fun to have someone to swap stories with and allow you to feel comfortable with the process.

“I’ve participated in Keena’s prenatal, post natal and mommy and baby yoga classes and they have all been wonderful! A great way to recharge your mind, body and soul. And connect/bond with your little ones:) We love Keena and her beautiful spirit!”

Julia Seitz Bruce

“During my pregnancy, I had tried several prenatal yoga classes. When I attended Keena’s class, the difference compared to some of the others was astounding. The right movements along with healing the body and mind allowed me to feel a peace and energy that was new to me during my pregnancy. Keena’s yoga and overall presence gives one an awakening of self with a new energy that wants you to come back to her classes to feel it again.”

Natasa Doten Hogue



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