Prenatal Yoga


Connect with your baby and yourself through prenatal yoga! Calming meditations that allow you to go within are a main piece of this practice. Learning breathing techniques that assist during labor as well as life will be an unforgettable part of the experience.
During class we will stretch our bodies, allowing the muscles to form memory. This way, after baby is born, we can use the muscle memory to help the body tighten back up.


We will take time for ourselves. Often life moves too fast. Taking an hour to listen to your body as it’s growing a life within is a needed break.
Growing a support network is essential as parents. Within class, you can make new friends and even raise your babies together! It’s so fun to have someone to swap stories with and allow you to feel normal. These classes bring up a lot of topics as we move- birth, breastfeeding and beyond. Have open discussions in a safe environment to build your knowledge and comfort.
Partners are encouraged to attend, I also do private partner classes. Partner yoga for pregnacy includes connecting the breath between you and building trust with one another in poses where you depend on the other. We also address massaging the mom, being a supportive and loving labor companion and much more.

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Let your spirit soar as you experience a weightlessness, light and love.