Workplace Yoga


Workplace yoga is tailored to your business’s needs. I will come to your office and provide a class during your preferred schedule. If there is time and space, we can set up mats and do a full hour practice. Moving the body and getting out of the mind will make you more productive as you sit back down. Not enough space for mats? We can do a variation of chair yoga with meditation that will allow for clearing space within yourself and your business environment.

Type of class Duration of session
Yin 60-90min
Restorative 30-90 min
Ashtanga 30-90 min
Rocket 30-90 min

*Contact me for specific pricing for classes


Office yoga cultivates a more peaceful workplace- moving and breathing together will build a bond that encourages community. It’s been proven that taking a break in the middle of the day and changing activities will clear the mind and let you focus better later. Taking time to truly breathe will reset the brain and let your body and mind connect with each other.
If lunchtime is not a viable option but your workplace would like the chance to practice together, we can discuss before or after hours yoga. Go home feeling refreshed from the day instead of being exhausted. Let’s find a time to work together to make work a happier place to be.