Meet Keena

My yoga practice began 13 years ago with a prenatal class. The more I learned about the practice of yoga, the more I realized I had been living the lifestyle for years. Wishing to be conscientious in my choices, peaceful in my actions and let kindness come from within, I found a home in yoga.

Studying with Amber Gean of Yoga Ah allowed that to happen. Her Modified Primary Ashtanga training built a strong foundation for my practice and an understanding of self. I continued to train with her, specializing in Rocket Vinyasa, an invigorating and life changing practice. As time has passed, I have found my passion within the Rocket and the special time in a woman’s life that pregnancy offers. I feel blessed to be involved in someone’s journey through these practices. Kids yoga started as a fun activity at home with my son and has turned into an everyday treat with any child I meet. As my quest for knowledge and understanding continued, I took a 300 hour training with Matt at You Do Yoga. Studying Yin Yoga, Tao Yoga, different styles of meditation and amazing anatomy broadened my understanding and desire to teach functionally. Each class I teach is tailored to who is there and what they need at that moment, any age, ability, place in life is welcomed and honored.
My home practice today varies greatly from when it started. Finding what I need each day and being able to explore and experiment has been an incredible journey. Everyday is a new lesson, the way yoga sweeps you up into a whole new life is almost indescribable. Listening to my body has truly allowed me to connect with my heart. Feeling that connection has let me move toward the future on a path I didn’t know was there. I am truly grateful for this life I have been given.
I believe in peace. Peace in the mind, the spirit, the body and the world all around us. What can we do within to contribute to world peace? How can we make our insides and outsides match in a way that fills us with happiness? Live the life you love. Everyday. On the mat and off. Roll with the punches, take deep breaths and keep moving forward. Be gentle and honor yourself. These things I have come to know as truth.