Rocket Yoga

San Francisco, birthplace of the Rocket, outside the first studio…


Larry Sultz, founder of Rocket Vinyasa, created the practice to bring the ancient ananas into western cultures’ busy lifestyle. The Rocket “gets you there faster” as you build strength in your core, arms and legs connecting with the breath. Every class has core exercises as well as extended flexibility. Little jumps in between vinyasas build strength as the practice flows smoothly from one posture to the next. Learn the poses and breath so you can keep your practice alive anywhere you go!


The Rocket practice takes the Ashtanga series and rewrites the sequence to work all the joints as well at the muscles. The constant movement gets the heart rate up and really lets you feel like you are moving forward. ┬áThe 2 words I associate most with the Rocket are strength and flexibility. You don’t know how strong you are until you learn how strong you can become.
Starting with standing postures, moving into balance and deeper stretches, and coming onto the floor for backbends and flexibility, we work the whole body as we end with finishing postures and relaxation. Allowing the body to rest in savasana at the end lets the muscles rebuild after working hard. It’s an important time to practice the art of letting go and opening yourself up.

Through the process of movement, our brain focuses so much on the breath and placement of the body that we end up in a meditative state. For those of us who have trouble quieting the mind, this practice gives way to a new way of finding that peace. By the end the body is happy and ready to rest and the mind can be taken into a deeper state of consciousness.

Where in Cincy??

Yoga Ah (in Northside) is the home base of Rocket yoga in the Cincinnati area. You can find me there several days a week, offering classes and assisting in teacher trainings. Interested in bringing the Rocket to you?? Contact me to make it happen!